Creating Video that is Memorable — The Key to Success

Sandra Dempsey
Executive Video Producer at Source TEN

Scott Smith
Creative Director

January 28, 2024

Why have an apple when you can have an apple pie?

If you’re a media person, digital marketer, or brand manager, you know the quality of your video content equals the perceived quality of your brand. Ask yourself one question: do you want audiences to remember your brand as an apple or an apple pie?

Baking an apple pie takes more than just washing and slicing apples. It’s a series of actions that ultimately lead you to an unmistakable apple pie smell that fills your house with joy.

The same applies when investing in high-quality, memorable, and engaging creative video content. It’s not just about setting up a camera and letting it run. Rather, it takes a series of actions to bring a well-crafted creative concept with outstanding production value to life.

Passion highlights the little things that often inform your creative ideas. Consumer engagement comes down to a unique creative idea that is loud in the heart and subtle in its approach. It’s a focused concept that doesn’t get lost in a long list of product benefits or competing concepts.

“There’s a belief that if you just make a video, people will watch it—so more and more marketers are creating more and more average or invisible content. The belief that ‘If I build it, people will come’ is not true.”

Allen Adamson, NYU Stern School of Business Professor

When helping clients with their video content and storytelling, don’t make the mistake of creating content for the sake of having content. Many marketers believe they can skimp on quality and will achieve engaging content by making it spontaneous or informal. There’s a distinct difference between producing “invisible content” (aka average content that people tend to gloss over) vs. “engaging content.” Audiences love engaging, memorable, entertaining videos, so take the time to produce quality content. Make sure to include in your repertoire an apple pie — a piece that took more time, money, and effort to produce, that stands out, and something your viewers will remember and even share. Ultimately, a well-produced story will compel an audience to trust a brand and take action.

Take a look at this smart example for Prime Financial Credit Union, where their marketing team was open to a non-conventional commercial. Rather than show the typical handshake of new homebuyers tooling to their mortgage expert, this shows how the world changes for families; a world of new possibilities is in your hands. Also, notice how the music and subtle animation combined with live action give the piece a magical quality that only enhances the production value. This is important because most people don’t pay attention to the production value until it’s missing.


You may not eat apple pie daily because it takes more time, effort, and money. However, having at least one high-quality, creative, and memorable video in your arsenal can ensure leads and revenue for your clients.

Whether you’re leveraging your well-crafted video on paid ads, TV, websites, email signatures, or newsletters, you can create an immediate and lasting connection with the targeted audience with beautifully crafted, carefully produced creative content that achieves the ROI your client is looking for. That's an apple pie.

A delicious apple pie will always be more appealing than a simple apple.

About Source TEN

Source TEN creatively crafts cinematic narratives that INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, and ENGAGE. Source TEN is a premium, high-quality English / Spanish video production and content creation team in Wisconsin, serving the US.

It helps to choose the right video partner to help you uncover and cook the unique flavor for the apple pie your client will be serving to its audience. Work with a production partner who is a brand steward and is as passionate about your brand as you are. Consider Source TEN for your video marketing needs. If you're ready to create meaningful content, book a free content strategy session.

When you take a peek behind the curtain, you’ll see people in collaboration who are willing to roll up their sleeves, put in the work and go the extra mile.

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