3 Ways to Supercharge Your Programmatic Strategy

By Colin Hudson
Sales Account Executive @ illumin

June 1, 2023

Programmatic advertising can be found everywhere: on websites, YouTube ads, interstitial podcast ads, or short clips on connected television.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your programmatic strategy there are several things to consider. It is important to examine how you’re planning your customer journeys, the media you’re choosing, and the potential success of your creatives. As an advertiser you want the ads you put out to have the absolute best chance of success, reducing your ad spend and improving your reach.

These are three key steps to take when looking to boost your programmatic approach:
  • 1

    Visual Planning

  • 2

    Add Out-of-Home

  • 3

    Test Your Success

Visual Planning

Interactive, visual representations make brainstorming and planning more intuitive and allow for better creativity and easy ideation. A full Journey Canvas makes it easier to plan and activate your journeys and take full advantage of all of the benefits of visual planning. And as a bonus?

No spreadsheets; just creativity.

Add Out-of-Home

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is growing rapidly as it continues to gain new capabilities thanks to AI and analytic tools. OOH and Digital OOH are moving beyond tools for building brand awareness and becoming critical for programmatic success as the format is introduced to more and more ad inventories. Additionally, the booming popularity of OOH will only grow as this technology improves over the next few years.

Test Your Success

Reviewing campaigns with up-to-date data makes it possible to properly understand where journeys are failing, but you can also test your strategies to see how successful they’ll be before they’re ever launched. Tools like illumin’s Pathlight Analysis make it easy to see the successes and failings of your strategies, to experiment with new approaches, and amend your plans as needed for the best results.

A strong programmatic strategy is well planned, ahead of the curve, and tested to ensure the best chance of success. By improving your strategy using these tips, you can reach a broader audience while keeping your ad-spend within budget – making it possible to achieve a strong bottom line while still getting the best ROI.

If you are thinking programmatic advertising might be the right strategy for your organization, please feel free to request a demo with illumin — a platform that provides the perfect space for journey planning, execution, and reporting – illumin is more than just a DSP.

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