414digital Sponsorship Opportunities

414digital SPONSORSHIP

Exposure to over 800 audience members — your target audience — in SE Wisconsin

414digital events offer Sponsors exposure to over 800 engaged marketing audience members. We have the ability not only to communicate to your leads who are actively paying attention, but our in-person events will offer you unprecedented 1-1 contact with our audience, giving you the opportunity to turn those leads into customers.

Our Audience

75% SE Wisconsin, 20% Chicago, 5% Other

30% VPs and C-suite, 50%  Mid-level, 20% Other

Our Board

Our board members are comprised of design, marketing, and sales professionals. Your sponsorship package is handled by experts.

Your Needs

Sponsorship packages include a discovery session. One package does not fit all.  You receive a customized package that works for you.


Our assets bring in leads. You can convert those leads into your customers!

  • We communicate with a large audience of interested, active marketers in the southeast Wisconsin area.

  • Our members and email list are your TARGET audience.

  • Our email newsletters and events reach over 800 marketers, a group of people who look to us as an authority.

  • When you partner with us, our audience knows your company, product, service, or agency has been recommended by us.

  • As a sponsor, you have the invitation to attend our event, giving you 1-1 access to our audience. This is your golden opportunity to turn leads into customers!

  • We do not slap your logo on the bottom of every notice as an afterthought. We proudly display your logo, and we link to your site with every message we send out.

  • We have a high engagement with our newsletter.

  • We are active on multiple social channels: LinkedIn (our priority social channel) as well as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Presenting Sponsors

What if we could put you in a room of 30 or more of your ideal buyers? What if you were the only sponsor in the room from your industry? Rather than sponsoring the event, you simply paid for the whole thing and gave people a chance to network in a casual, low-pressure environment where they could relax and you could get to know them in a more direct way.

Contributing Sponsors

While we may already have a Presenting Sponsor for an event, we also look for Contributing Sponsors who will benefit from contact with our audience. If you are looking for a way to promote your company and services, this is a grand opportunity to get in front of your target audience. We will work with you to create a package that suits your needs.

Website Sponsors

We need Website Sponsors to offset the cost of our online presence. In return, you gain a lot of online presence as well!

If you want to get in front of a large audience of interested, active marketers in SE Wisconsin, let’s talk.