Grab a valuable seat behind the wheel of Milwaukee’s premiere digital marketing organization.

Play a key role in strategizing with like-minded individuals who are passionate about digital marketing and making Milwaukee great. On our 414digital Board, your voice is heard – and it has impact. You’ll hear the impactful voices of others, too. We are doing the hard work of challenging ourselves to embrace new perspectives, promote networking among a myriad of careers, job titles, and pathways. We create avenues to provide education and networking to our community. And we have fun doing it!

Current Openings

We are searching for an outgoing, enthusiastic 414digital brand champion who will help us grow our social media following, increase our membership base, and promote attendance at our events. In doing so, you will be fulling 414digital purpose: Cultivate, Educate, and Elevate the Milwaukee Area Marketing Community.  We connect, develop and educate Milwaukee’s digital marketers to create a community that thrives, retains top talent, and elevates Milwaukee’s position in the marketplace.


  • Develop and curate engaging content for social media platforms
  • Attend events and produce pre- and post-event content
  • Maintain unified brand voice across different social media channels
  • Promote our 414digital brand
  • Collaborate with Membership Coordinator to promote a membership campaign
  • Collaborate with our Events Coordinators to create a social media calendar that coincides with our events
  • Collaborate with our Communications team to align with current objectives or campaigns (i.e. job opportunities, blog articles, open board seats, etc.)
  • Assist our Student Liaison(s) with promoting to our student communities
  • Monitor our channels,  interact with users, and respond to social media messages, and comments

The main objective is to create 414digital brand awareness to our audiences, encourage attendance at events, and promote networking opportunities.

Cultivate. Educated. Elevate.

If you would like to rock this role, we’d love to hear from you!

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This position has been filled.

Have you developed strong networks within the minority communities in Milwaukee and have the ability to partner with these groups? Then this board seat may be for you!

The purpose of the 414digital Diversity Outreach Coordinator is to ensure that the events and networking opportunities offered by 414digital are welcoming and inclusive with a specific focus on minority audiences and other underrepresented groups in the digital marketing community.

The Coordinator will develop and implement an outreach plan with goals, objectives, target audiences, priority issues, strategies.  The Diversity Outreach Coordinator will curate strong partnerships to help design and implement outreach programs. The Coordinator will evaluate the plan annually and update based on evaluation results from previous years.

The main objective is to develop, promote, and distribute 414digital resources to the minority populations, encouraging attendance at events and networking opportunities.

Cultivate. Educated. Elevate.

We want a diverse board and a diverse community. Can you help us achieve this goal?

If interested, we’d love to hear from you!

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This position has been filled.

The purpose of the 414digital Website Content Creator is to ensure that our new site is always up and running and has fresh content.

Our Website Content Creator also heads up our Communications Team (Social & Email) to make sure all of our messaging aligns with our mission and purpose.

We also will be implementing a blog and this position will find 414digital members and 414digital board members to share informative and relevant content to publish online.

If you want to be a part of a passionate, driven, and fun team, we’d love to hear from you!

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This position has been filled but if you are interested, we’d still love to hear from you so we can consider you for future opportunities!

This would be a great opportunity for a student to build relationships with agency professionals, as we have 13 members on our board. Currently, some of the agencies represented on our board are Margle Media, Laughlin, CI Design, Entercom, Basis, Badder Rutter, Entercom, Mention Marketing, and more.

Ideally, we’d love to invite a student who is passionate about design, social media, and marketing. Someone who is up to the challenge to be a leader or take an active role in communicating our events to students, someone who is confident enough to give their point of view in our board meetings as we discuss opportunities, not only for our business peers but our student community as well. We want to offer a motivated design, marketing, or communications student a unique opportunity to connect with and contribute to a professional group in their local town.

The time commitment would be 1 meeting a month, approximately 1 hour. The time outside of the meeting would be up to the student liaison. In meetings, the student could contribute to conversations, offering up his/her ideas and opinions, as well as report on anything they are working on. Since this is a new role, we’d be open to the student to mold this new board seat position.

Here are some of the responsibilities of our Student Liason:

  • Contribute to the conversations; all input is welcomed and valid
  • Offer a student perspective to our board, whether it involves input to our events, cost of student membership, marketing to students (how do we do this?), authoring blog posts, or other content (i.e. the student membership age)
  • Work with our membership director and our communications pod to discuss student-related opportunities
  • Design opportunities should the student wish to do so
  • Social media content creation, should the student wish to do so
  • Blog Posts, should the student wish to do so

The student position would not require a large time commitment outside of the board meetings and their school work. The student will not be required to write social media content or create designs unless they have the time and willingness to do so. Any content creation or design work would be opportunities to create portfolio pieces but are in no way required of the student since this is not a paid position.

The student would work closely with the 414digital Board Vice President and their school professor who may be in charge of student internships, especially if the student receives credit for this opportunity.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, we’d love to hear from you!

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Don’t see a position you’d like to fill? Please reach out to us regardless so we can contact you when a seat opens.