Biden’s New Executive Order on AI – What Does This Mean for Marketers?

By Dayna Lang
Content Writer, illumin

November 20, 2023

On October 30, 2023, President Biden issued a landmark Executive Order to manage the risks of artificial intelligence (AI), establishing new standards for AI. What are the implications?

This past October, US President Joe Biden announced an Executive Order outlining expanded regulations for the use and development of AI technologies. This order lays out new rules in several categories, including updated standards for AI safety and security and rules aimed to protect Americans’ privacy. Some of these regulations also spell out plans for improving equity and eliminating bias within artificial intelligence, as well as for promoting innovation and competition.

These new rules, while exciting, have several implications for marketers and may impact how information is collected and stored, as well as how marketers are able to use AI for data processing and content creation. Like with all regulations, compliance is incredibly important and marketers will need to fully understand how this order will impact their business going forward.

The main ways in which this Executive Order will impact marketers is in the areas of data privacy, content generation, discrimination, and labor. New regulations include the requirement of congress to pass bipartisan data privacy legislation, which is likely to impact the way marketers collect, store, and use audience data.

Also included in the Executive Order are rules for use of AI in content generation. These are specifically aimed at reducing fraud – though, going forward, AI generated content will need to be labeled as such, something that content marketers will need to watch closely.

This Executive Order also demands that AI developers work to “address algorithmic discrimination.” If done well, the elimination of bias from AI algorithms should let marketers better collect and analyze data, improving their outcomes.

Finally, marketers, like all businesses, will need to take note of how this order seeks to address labor concerns brought about by the increased use of AI. As labor regulations evolve to protect workers against job loss, marketers will need to pay close attention in order to remain compliant.

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