About 414digital


We’re Milwaukee’s dedicated digital marketing organization serving digital marketers who want to connect with their peers, contribute to an industry-wide conversation, and advance their careers through educational events and networking opportunities.

We bring together digital marketers from agencies and brands alike to learn from and network with one another. We believe every digital marketer in Milwaukee should be a member of 414digital to build a stronger community and knowledge base, increasing talent retention and elevating Milwaukee’s status throughout the country.



We connect, develop and educate Milwaukee’s digital marketers to create a community that thrives, retains top talent, and elevates Milwaukee's position in the marketplace.

While we support and empower all digital marketers to challenge themselves and grow, including long-standing brands and agencies, we are strong advocates for the smaller agencies and businesses in town. There are dozens, if not hundreds of small digital marketing shops in Milwaukee, but not many know about them! We want to shine a light on those hidden gems and help the small shops gain momentum, so everyone can afford to hire more people, again, retaining digital marketing talent in Milwaukee.



  • Cultivate. We create community.
  • Educate. We facilitate knowledge sharing.
  • Elevate. We enhance Milwaukee’s digital marketplace.

414digital is led by our Board Members and championed by our Advisory Board. While we acknowledge that we wouldn’t exist without the support of our community, we thank our Community Advocates for their support of our organization and everything that we do.

If you’re a digital marketing professional or a student interested in learning more about digital marketing, we encourage you to sign up today to become a member. Your membership is good for one year and will include free access to five hosted events, monthly happy hours, exclusive Facebook group, city-wide discounts and more!