Three Great Ways to Celebrate Black History Month in Milwaukee

By Maurice Hughes
Diversity Outreach on 414digital Board

February 7, 2023

Black History Month is an annual recognition of the history, achievements, and influence of the Black community.

This month, we’d like to celebrate Black History Month. It serves as a chance to highlight black historical icons and events. February has historically been a time to celebrate black history because Fredrick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays are in February (14th and 12th respectively).

In 1975, President Ford officially deemed February Black History Month after Kent State students and staff had advocated for the cause six years earlier.

Kent State University students’ activism lead the way for Black History Month.

Support and Promote Local Events and Businesses

Here are a few ways that you can celebrate in the Milwaukee area:

Do You Celebrate Black History Month? If you have any Black businesses, people, or events to promote, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Here at 414digital, we are working to be inclusive. If you are interested in joining our board, check out 414digital Open Board Seats.

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  1. Andrea Zehnder February 15, 2023 at 5:48 pm - Reply

    Nice article Maurice! I want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Goody Gourmets! There is no better cheese popcorn ANYWHERE! :) This is the cheesiest, most flavorful, and fresh popcorn around. I highly recommend this Black entrepreneur’s delicious popcorn. You won’t be disappointed!

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