2019 414digital Award Nominations


Your entry should include the following information:

  • Name of the award for which you are applying or nominating
  • Your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address
  • You may also include any additional information/materials that the judges may find helpful in making their decision
  • As the judges move through the categories, they will be making selections representing the best entries for the 414digital award categories, per their 100% discretion.

All submissions should be submitted to events@414digital.org by February 6th. Please include 414digital Award Nomination in the subject line.

Finalists will be announced on February 11th!

414 Spotlight Award

THE AWARD: Awarded to a primarily digitally-based* project/campaign with a client success story for work done in 2018.
*Digital-based meaning majority of campaign or executional items were created in the digital atmosphere.


  • Provide working links or attach files featuring digital work.
  • Provide information on:
    • Name of Client
    • Where we can find the project/where it was
    • Project background
    • Challenge/Project Purpose
    • Tactics/What Was Done
    • Success Results

414 Trailblazer Award (business)

THE AWARD: Awarded to a company started after January of 2016 that is disrupting the digital industry.


  • Provide information on the business (with links)
    • Technology or ideas that have “paved the way” for the Milwaukee digital industry
    • Background on business
      • Founder, employees, # of employees
      • Business model
      • What is different/unique/why you are a trailblazer
      • When it was started and why
    • Location
    • Growth in the last 2 years

414 Advocate Award

THE AWARD: Awarded to digital company giving back to the Milwaukee community.

Giving back is defined as contributed significant financial, time or in-kind services to the Milwaukee community.


  • Provide information on the business (with links)
    • Location, background, employee info
  • Provide information about how you give back to the community
    • Projects and efforts outlined
    • Organizations/groups you have impacted
    • Impact outlined
    • Reasons for giving back

414 Spark Award

THE AWARD - Awarded to a large company providing resources to spark digital innovation
Large company defined as a company with more than 200 employees or makes more than 20MM in annual revenue.


  • Provide information on the business (with links)
    • Location, background, employee info
  • Provide information about
    • Resources provided
    • Where/when they were utilized
    • How they are still being utilized
    • Future efforts